The Problems With Online Enneagram Assessments

enneagram enneagram assessment mistyping Oct 25, 2021

 "What is a good website to take an Enneagram assessment?"

I can't tell you how many times I have heard that question. Simple answer... there really isn't one. Sure, there are assessments that are more reliable than others, but the best way to truly find your real Enneagram type is to skip the test and dive into the information yourself. 

Enneagram assessments aren't always reliable and accurate because the questions aren't one size fits all. You see, our Enneagram type is based on our core motivations. Online tests can't assess our motivations, just our behaviors. And I'm sure that you are well aware that people can demonstrate the same behavior for very different reasons. 

Let's check out a simple example:

  1. You keep your house clean. Okay, but why? 
  • An Enneagram 1 may say that they keep their home tidy because they need to have everything clean and orderly. Everything needs to be in it's place.
  • An Enneagram 2 may say that they keep their home tidy because they want their home to feel welcoming when someone comes over. Not overwhelming. 
  • An Enneagram 3 may say that they keep their home tidy because they don't want unexpected visitors to pop by and think that they don't have their life together.

Enneagram assessments can't get to the motivations behind a behavior. Conversations do that. Self-reflection does that. 

If you want to take an online test, go ahead - it's not going to hurt. But use your results as a baseline; use them as a starting point. Don't take an assessment and cling to your results. They may not be accurate. After taking an assessment, make sure you always follow up and research each Enneagram type to see which one really resonates with you.

Tip: Your true Enneagram type will most likely be a difficult pill to swallow. The weaknesses are going to sting, because you know deep down they are true. Sometimes, when a person stumbles on their true type, they cry. If you don't feel seen or exposed - you probably haven't found your true type. 

Finding your true type is a crucial piece to your personal development journey. Being mistyped is problematic because each Enneagram type has a different growth path. If you are studying and trying to become the best version of yourself, you want to make sure you are working towards YOUR growth point -- not someone else's. If we take the wrong growth path, we aren't actually becoming our true, authentic selves; we aren't actually becoming the people that we were born to be. 

Here are my two recommendations:

  1. DIY style your transformation. You can absolutely find your true type yourself. You can listen to podcasts, read books, and research about each type online. Some books are better than others. Personally, I would start with The Road Back to You by Ian Morgan Cron if you want to DIY the start of your journey. Take an assessment. Get a starting point, and research from there. The downside to doing it yourself is it will take longer. It could take days or even months to truly figure out you real type.
  2. Book a typing session with me. Sessions are typically an hour long and you'll leave knowing your type, your wing, and your subtype. Time is money. The longer it takes you to discover who you truly are, the longer it will take you to become your true and authentic self. Jumpstart that journey and discover your type with a certified Enneagram coach (aka me). You can book a typing session here:

I look forward to connecting with you soon.

If you choose to DIY your self-discovery journey, good luck! I wish you all the best! Please don't hesitate to reach out if you get stuck along the way and have a question or two. My inbox is open. Reach out to me on IG @thesarahwaxman



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